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Why You Should Test for Radon If You Live in Ames, Iowa

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Mar 21, 2018 7:00:00 PM

Radon can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled. It CAN, however, lurk in your home without your knowledge and potentially cause cancer if you don't take precautions soon enough. According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers. 

Homes across the entire state of Iowa, in every county, are at HIGH risk for radon gas. The Iowa Department of Public Health reports that Iowa has the largest percentage of homes above 4.0 picocuries per liter of air. This is the level at which the EPA recommends you take action to return your home to a safer level.

Any type of home can have high levels of radon, so it’s vitally important that your home be tested and treated promptly if necessary.

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Why Is My Faucet Leaking?

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Mar 12, 2018 4:01:00 PM

Leaky faucets are inconvenient and can cause a lot of stress and anger. Not only can the subtle, consistent drip you hear in the night make you lose quality sleep, but it can also cause your water bills to grow larger, drop by drop.

A dripping faucet can be a symptom of a greater, underlying plumbing issue, such as damaged pipes or fittings. The next time you think about just shutting off the water valves to quiet the noise, remember that there could be a larger plumbing problem that may continue to worsen the longer it's left untreated. Here are five common reasons faucets leak and drip.

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7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Mar 7, 2018 8:09:00 PM

When you’re designing a room with limited space, it can seem like you are limited on options. That doesn’t have to be the case! Limited kitchen square footage doesn’t have to limit style. Here are seven tips for remodeling a small kitchen.

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How Low Humidity Levels Affect Your Ames-Area Home

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Feb 28, 2018 8:29:00 PM

In another post, we talked about how poor humidity levels in the home, whether they be too low or too high, can have a great impact on your indoor air quality and overall health. Today, we’ll be discussing how low humidity levels affect your home.

According to the EPA, indoor relative humidity should be kept below 60%, ideally between 30–50%. If your home is too dry or too humid, several problems can arise. Certain conditions can even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

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9 Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home Water Filtration System

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Feb 23, 2018 7:02:00 PM

With all the talk of water quality, you may have begun to wonder whether the water in your home is up to par. Once you’ve decided that you want to treat your hard water, there are two main ways to do so. While traditional water softeners can be helpful, a whole-home water filtration system can provide many benefits for you, your health, and your home. Check out our top nine reasons to install a whole-home water filtration system.

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Thinking About Home Remodeling? Learn the Process First.

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Feb 12, 2018 3:36:58 PM

If you’re thinking about remodeling any part of your home, it’s wise to get started not only a few weeks or even a few months before you want the job moving, but several months ahead of time. If you want your home remodel to take place in the fall, 6 months down the road, the time to get the process started is right now.

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How to Remodel Your Bathroom with Universal Design in Mind

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Feb 8, 2018 6:41:00 PM

As you plan for your upcoming bathroom remodel, consider integrating one of the most up and coming design theories. Universal design is the method of creating space that can be used by all, regardless of their age, disability, or size. This design concept not only increases the functionality of your home but also gives your house an added edge in the real estate market. Utilizing universal design in your bathroom allows you, your family, and your guests to be comfortable and at ease.

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How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Kitchen

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Jan 25, 2018 4:01:00 PM

Whether you’re well underway on a full kitchen remodel or just looking to update the heart of your home, your kitchen lighting is not a feature to be overlooked!

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Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Jan 9, 2018 7:03:00 PM

It's a fresh, new year—full of exciting opportunities. Are you making a resolution to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, or other living space in 2018? Here are the hottest forecasted design trends for your home for the coming year.

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6 Features Your Modern Home Bar Remodel Needs to Include

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Dec 28, 2017 7:03:00 PM

Are you finally ready to build the wet bar you’ve been dreaming of having in your home for years? We’re here to help! Make sure you consider the following aspects before designing your new space. Thinking through everything ahead of time will make the remodeling process smoother and give you the result you truly want.

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