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Bring Nature into Your Next Home Remodel

Posted by Jordin Pitt on Jun 7, 2017 2:54:00 PM


Spring is in bloom! The grass and trees are turning green again, and nature is coming back to life. Many homeowners want to bring some of this color and excitement into their homes by incorporating earthy tones and textures. Here are some trendy ways to bring nature indoors during your next home remodel.


Earthy Elements

Contemporary trends are integrating simple tones and tons of texture. More traditional designs incorporate substantial wood elements. You can bring nature indoors by adding hardwood floors, wooden-look or stone tiles, natural stone countertops, and neutral paint colors.

View various examples of natural elements being incorporated into homes on Search for trendy ideas for your bathroom or kitchen remodel in Ames! You can also visit Cyclone Contracting’s page on the Houzz website to view home remodeling projects we’ve completed over the years. You'll see how we incorporate various natural elements into our remodels.



Dura Supreme, our main cabinetry line, won the Best of Houzz award five years straight. One of the reasons we love Dura Supreme is that they always stay on top (or ahead) of the latest trends. More true brown tones are coming into their wood finish lines (replacing red tones). Dura Supreme’s white cabinets (their most popular) are often combined in kitchens or bathrooms with other wood-stained cabinets, nature-inspired flooring, or warm wall colors. The popularity of stark white cabinetry may be due to the fact that most people want their kitchens to be light and bright, which brings us to my next talking point.



Warm, bright, natural light can perk up any drab space. Having windows throughout your house may seem like a no brainer, but adding more or larger windows or skylights could greatly increase the amount of natural light in your home. In addition to letting the light stream in, windows also allow you to look out at nature, which helps connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you aren’t able to incorporate more windows into your home at this time, try installing lights that brighten up your space better than what you currently have.



Fireplaces are another great way to bring nature into your home. Often the focal point of a room, a fireplace creates warmth in multiple ways. Obviously, fire lets off heat, but the colors and outdoorsy elements of the fireplace surround can also give your home a rustic, warm feel. Stacked stone on the surround and hearth and a wooden mantelpiece are common materials used on fireplaces. More contemporary units may have stone inside the fireplace instead of traditional logs.


Bringing nature inside is becoming one of the main focuses for many home remodeling projects. Pantone’s color of the year—Greenery—is even nature inspired. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. For any remodeling or home improvement services in Story County, contact Cyclone Contracting. Ask us how we can help bring the joy of spring into your home this year! Download our free eBook for more home remodeling tips and ideas.


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