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Do I Need a New Sump Pump?

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Apr 20, 2016 10:05:00 AM


Do you have a properly working sump pump prepared to take on the extra stress of the impending rain showers this spring and summer? If you’re uncertain whether you need a new sump pump or your old pump needs to be repaired, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll address those key issues today.


Who needs a sump pump?

Most sump pumps are located in crawl spaces or basements, areas of the home that often collect water when it rains or when snow melts in the spring. Common sources of leaks are cracks in windows and walls. If your gutters are clogged, water can spill over and fall near your home’s foundation and leak into your basement. Two other ways water can get into your home is through subsurface seepage or if your foundation is beginning to settle. If you’re unsure how water is getting into your home, have a professional inspector locate the source for you.

Water problems are common in the United States, but wet or moist areas are unhealthy for both you and your home. Moisture can lead to all kinds of nasty problems: mold, mildew, rot, poor indoor air quality, and even insect infestation! It has the potential to ruin floors, walls, and ceilings as well as increase the risk for fire and shock in your home.

The bottom line is if you have a water problem, do something about it! Installing a sump pump can make your home much safer and more comfortable for everyone. Not only will it protect your home and your health; it will also relieve the stress you feel every time dark clouds roll into the area and you wonder if your home is going to spring another leak.


Is it time to replace my old sump pump?

If you have a sump pump, determine if it’s in good working order or if it needs to be replaced. Here are several instances where you should replace your sump pump.

  • Has your system failed? Replace your system immediately after you experience system failure so you’re not left in a bad place when it rains. A good rule of thumb is to replace your sump pump every five years and replace the switch and float every two.
  • Was your sump pump installed properly? If it wasn't, it could malfunction or break down prematurely. If it isn't set up to pump water properly, it can become damaged during operation.
  • Is your pump the right size for your home? Whether your pump is too big or too small, you may end up with the same result: a broken sump pump. If it’s too large, it’ll work harder than it needs to and could fail before it should. If it’s too small, it will need to work harder than it’s made to and could overwork itself, break down, and/or overheat.
  • Is your switch malfunctioning? This is a common mechanical problem. Your sump pump is dependent upon its float arm and switch. These two components work together to turn the pump on and off. When water enters the sump pit, the float rises as the water does and flips the switch, which starts the motor. Once the water exits the sump pit, the float lowers, and the switch turns off the pump. If either of these parts are damaged or not working properly, your pump can’t do it’s job.
  • Is the discharge line clogged? The discharge line expels water safely to the outdoors away from your home when it rains. If it gets clogged with ice or debris, water will get trapped and could potentially break your sump pump. Keep this line clear to avoid this. Read our free sump pump eBook to learn how to clean your discharge line and keep your sump pump well maintained so it can perform at its best when you need it most.


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