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Is Your Sump Pump Doing Its Job?

Posted by Jeremy Nichols on Aug 21, 2017 3:41:00 PM


Have you been wondering if your sump pump is working properly? Are you nervous that it won't do it's job when you need it most? Take out the guesswork and place confidence in your sump pump by testing it now so you know it will hold up for you during the next heavy rainfall.


Regular Maintenance

Every few months, you should test your sump pump to ensure that it continues to operate properly. Testing your pump regularly will keep you up to date on its performance status, and you’ll be able to address any minor concerns as they arise instead of running into major issues at the worst possible time.

Not only can you avoid a disaster by performing preventive maintenance, but you can also extend your pump’s lifespan. It will work longer and more efficiently for you so you can avoid paying for parts or replacing your entire system as often. When you test your sump pump—which we cover below—it will flush any dirt or debris lodged in the discharge line. Make sure you also keep the pit area clean; consider adding a cover so nothing falls into the pit and causes problems.

Never channel the water from your water softener or washing machine into the sump pit; this water isn’t pure and could clog the system.


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How to Test Your Sump Pump

Find a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with clean water. Then, locate your sump pump; it's usually located in the basement or crawlspace.

If the pit has a lid, remove it. Pour some water into the pump, and watch what happens. The float should rise with the water, flip a switch to start the motor, and the water should discharge. Once the water is gone from the pit, pour in the rest. The same process should happen again. When the water is gone, the pump should turn off on its own. If this process doesn’t run smoothly as we described, something could be wrong. Call a plumber to inspect your sump pump so it’s ready to work next time it rains.


Emergency Back Up System

If your sump pump works just fine, that’s great! But what if there’s a storm and your home loses electricity? Your sump pump won’t work! To be prepared, we suggest a battery backup system. It will kick in when your primary pump doesn’t so you can have peace of mind during the most violent Iowa storms.

Your sump pump can prevent flooding and serious water damage to your home. Don’t take chances where you don’t have to! Today, you can install systems that will work side by side with a battery backup and communicate with you if there’s a problem. You'll be alerted via a text message sent straight to your phone so you know when your pump turns on or if there’s a power outage. If something is wrong, you'll be able to respond promptly.


If you need to replace your sump pump or would like to have it inspected, call Cyclone Contracting in Ames! We provide plumbing services in Boone, Story City, and the surrounding areas. Call us today for help!


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